The Center is grateful for the support of many individuals and families that have chosen to support specific areas and programs of interest to them at the San Diego Archaeological Center. Through their generosity, they have helped to improve the Center and to make the visitor experience more exciting and accessible. Here are a few examples of individuals and families who have made a difference.

With the birth of their lovely daugher Hannah, Larry and Barbara Schuh wanted to commemoriate their growing family with a donation to the Center. They chose to donate a baby changing station. This donation has made visits to the Center by other families with infants and toddlers much more enjoyable, comfortable and manageable. As Hannah grows she will know that her family has made a difference for other children today and in the future.

For years, Dr. Mike Baksh has not only served on the Board of Trustees (and now on the Advisory Council) but has donated his time and energy volunteering for groundskeeping chores at the Center. Weekends throughout the year Mike, and at times, his son Tommy, can be found mowing the lawn, landscaping and working on various projects such as installing the Center flagpoles, powerwashing and keeping local gophers in check. Mike donated an outdoor shed and toolbox on wheels to help with maintence of the Center. Special events always benefit from Mike's generous support and completed projects. You can see the difference he has made on a regular basis at the Center through his generosity, volunteerism and long-term dedication.

Dr. Margie Burton's husband Ron matched a donation to fund a portion of the cost of a microscope in her honor. In her role as Center Research Director, Margie utilizes the microscope for use-wear analysis for the National Science Foundation grant and for material typing. Their family donation is making a difference in the quality of research at the Center.

Not only has Advisory Council Member Jim Royle donated to Capital improvements that visitors now enjoy in honor of his parents, but Jim regularly supports the Center through underwriting and the purchase of items that are needed for special events, the grounds and administrative offices. He also has taken many of the pictures that have documented the Center's history over the years. Jim recently spearheaded an energy efficency effort at the Center through the donation of timed power strips and energy efficient light bulbs. This will help the Center to save energy and defray costs. He is making a difference today by helping the Center to conserve and stay green!


In addition to the hundreds of hours of volunteer time that Pam Martin (Center - shown with husband Mike Nabholz) and Doral Hurd (right) have given to benefit the Center, they have both seen needs that they could help fulfill. Doral knew that volunteers and Center staff would benefit with a larger and more efficient refrigerator and took the time to research and donate a new one for the Center's kitchen. Pam, who spends hours volunteering on Center collections, decided that her family would donate new chairs for the research lab. These volunteers not only make a difference through their dedication but also in their generous support that is appreciated by staff and other volunteers.

Board Member Dr. Tim Gross is an archaeologist, lecturer, author of archaeology textbooks, Professor at SDSU and expert flintknapper. He has committed years of service to the Center and is a founding member and past President of the Board of Trustees. This year, Tim has decided to commit to regular monthly donations to the Center to support operations and special projects. He would also like to encourage others to increase the impact of their gifts by commiting to regular monthly installments. Tim is making a difference through his ongoing commitment to the success of the Center.


Are you or your family interested in making a difference too?

Please contact

Cindy Stankowski, Executive Director