Welcome to the bilingual webpage for Baja California anthropology!

For visitors unfamiliar with the subject, we offer brief "Orientations" to the region's geography, prehistoric archaeology, cultural anthropology, aboriginal languages, physical anthropology, and history.

Researchers will find a set of tools, including databases and an annotated bibliography.

This webpage was developed in 2002 by an multinational group of anthropologists seeking to foster the development of the discipline in Baja California, promote closer communication and cooperation between researchers, disseminate accurate information, and encourage an appreciation of and protection for the peninsula's unique cultural heritage.

Among those who have contributed their efforts and information to this site so far are Patricia Aceves, Alfonso Alvarado Bravo, Anita Álvarez Williams, James Arraj, Julia Bendímez, Salvador Bernabéu, Thomas Bowen, Matthew A. Boxt, Alan Bryan, Martha Edna Castillo Sarabia, Oswaldo Cuadra, Loren Davis, Shelly Davis-King, Danilo Drakic, William Eckhardt, Harumi Fujita, Rubén García, Horacio González Moncada, Suzanne Griset, Ruth Gruhn, Robert Jackson, Don Laylander, Claudia Leyva Aguilera, Mario Alberto Magaña Mancillas, Lee Gooding Massey, W. Michael Mathes, Erika Moranchel, Ad Muñiz, Agustín Ortega Esquinca, Fernando Oviedo García, Gengis Ovilla, Roger Owen, Antonio Porcayo Michelini, Eric W. Ritter, Emmanuel Robles Mellín, Armando Romero Monteverde, Alfonso Rosales-López, Albert Rubio Mora, Moika Santos, Jorge Serrano, Miguel Téllez, Larry Terán, Elinora Topete, Rose N. Tyson, Ed Vernon, Mike Wilken, and Rob Bresler and Bryce Kujala of Net Result Designs.

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Last Updated: February 20, 2019